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We have the differences

   The difference between a massage at Bay Area Integrative Health Care (BAIHC) and a spa is that our massage therapist specialize in providing medical massage.  All of our massage therapist have been practicing for many years and are trained in working on patients who are recovering from surgery, undergoing cancer treatment, and who are being seen for a medical diagnosis beyond routine wellness.

   Although, our massage therapists are happy to see patients for wellness and you do not need to have a serious medical condition in order to receive massage at BAIHC.

What if I don't know what type of massage I should be scheduling?

   We offer many different types of massage and it can be confusing if you're suffering for several different issues or if you're new to massage.

   At your first visit your massage therapist will discuss your specific needs with you prior to treatment in order to ensure that you receive as much benefit as possible from you session. If after meeting with your therapist you decide that the type of massage you originally booked is not what you or your massage therapist feels is the best fit for you we can always switch the type of service to one that's a better selection for your needs. 

Kindly remind :

    Please keep in mind when scheduling your massage that the length of time you select might not be able to be switched to a longer session there is a patient scheduled directly following your appointment. 

Meet Our Massage Therapist

    Michelle NOGUES     



     Michelle NOGUES is trained in a variety of modalities, have over 10 years experiences, with a lot of care for your wellness and with your collaboration, under her knowledge and experiences to design your session and satisfy your needs to give you a unique experience.  

     Specializes in Hot Stone therapy, Swedish massages, Deep Tissue massages, Pregnancy massages. 

Appointment with Michelle please click here--->


    Alex Kong

      Alex Kong finished his Bachlor Degree in Heilongjiang University of Chinese Medicine.He never stop studying Qi-TuiNa over 20 years .Now his project  about Qi-TuiNa going on and as a teacher in Five Branches University.

       He enjoys treating  stress,muscle pain, chronic pain ,such as neuropathy,chronic back pain,sciatica,etc.While massaging the exterior of the body and channeling his Qi,Alex's technique can have a very positive effect on the interior of the body

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