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Living with & Beyond Cancer

Integrative Health Care

for Patients Living With

& Beyond Cancer

  Bay Area Integrative Health Care 

At Bay Area Integrative Health Care we believe in treating the whole person - not just the disease. Integrative Medicine can be extremely beneficial when you're undergoing cancer treatment. While working for almost 17 at Stanford Hospital Dr. Huang treated thousands of cancer patients for a wide vitality of symptoms. The most common symptoms cancer patients experience are nausea from chemotherapy, fatigue, dizziness, hot flashes (caused by medications like Tamoxifen which is commonly used to treat Breast Cancer), and neuropathy of the hands/feet.  


To bring improvement to someone's health during such a difficult time in their life is something Dr. Huang has a true passion for. This passion has inspired him to open a not-for-profit organization to help bring integrative health care to cancer patients who otherwise would not have been able to afford an additional medical bill. If the only thing holding you back from scheduling an appointment is a concern related to the cost please contact the clinic directly to discuss this with us. Many people do have coverage through their health insurance for alternative treatments but if your plan does not offer coverage, or if you are currently uninsured, we have created a program that allows us to offer cancer patients financial assistance so that the people who need our services the most are able to receive them. Eligibility is determined on a case by case basis. financial circumstances and medical condition) to cancer patient's in need of care. So if you or someone you love is currently undergoing cancer treatment and they'd like to start receiving alternative treatments but are afraid they can't afford it - please don't let that stop you from calling Bay Area Integrative Health Care at (650) 368-8899. We will do everything possible to help you recieve the care you deserve regardless of your financial situation. 


Although alternative treatments, such as acupuncture, have been proven to bring significant improvement to cancer patients some insurance companies still don't cover it; or they don't cover very many visits. For example, elderly patients insured by Medicare who tend to benefit from integrative medicine much more than taking additional pharmasutical drugs, are unable to recieve care because Medicare and Medicare Supplement Plans refuse to provide their customers with integrative medicine benefits - although they'll agree to cover additional pharmaceuticals. 


Most of our elderly patients are on a fixed income making it hard to afford additional medical expenses - especially when they're undergoing cancer treatment. This is an issue that Bay Area Integrative Health Care strives to fix by offering financial help . 


 is why Dr. Huang has developed many special programs to treat cancer patients no matter what insurance they have. If you're currently undergoing cancer treatment and are unable to afford alternative treatments because it's not covered by your insurance please don't let that stop you from scheduling an appointment for a new patient consultation. We have special programs available to you so that you're able to be seen and receive treatment.  We're currently working on opening a not-for-profit organization to bring integrative health care to everyone for little or no cost to cancer patients who otherwise would not be able to afford it. The not-for-profit isn't officially up and running but in the mean time we will figure out a way to treat you so please don't hesitate to call the clinic directly at (650) 368-8899 and find out how we can help bring relief to some of your symptoms and help you heal faster, decrease your chances or reoccurrence, and simply help you feel better!


  so many patients have discussed with D   There is truly nothing more rewarding than knowing that you're able to improve someones life and allow them to be able to refocus their energy on healing. The best part of what we do at Bay Area Integrative Health Care is help improve the patient's health which in turn improves their lives. Because of the amazing results our patients have experienced and the many patients who have thanked Dr. Huang for changing their lives for we cannot think of anyone more deserving of our care.  was able to offer patients without coverage for alternative therapies 

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